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We commit to create the greatest life

   by providing the real good things and space.



Since our founding in 2017, our mission is to provide the greatest things and space for our customers.

We promise to provide value to customers through three businesses.



Import Agent Business


We contribute to improving customers’ quality of life by providing Japanese customers with non-released overseas products.
We sell both online and offline, including crowdfunding.

Real Estate Business For Seniors


We solve the customers’ worries about housing, which is the foundation of their lives.
We are addressing social issues in Japan, which is aging.

Web Media Business


Managing the Owned media.


About us


Company    Excel Living Co.,Ltd.
CEO           Tomokazu Yajima
Address     ♯102 Leo Oyamadai, 2-19-7, Oyamadai,

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 1580086, Japan

TEL             8150-6876-4117
FAX            813-4243-2863
Establish     December 2017

Our company name(Excel Living) is derived from the determination to provide customers with the best products and lifestyles.

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